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It means we’re proactive about solving the user’s legal problems before they occur.

So, let’s say you’re setting up an LLC. If you used a current online solution, you’d figure out the basic docs you need and where to file.

But you wouldn’t know about a bunch of other legal problems that should be taken care of right then. Like, for example, a trademark search. If you don’t do it when you’re starting off, someone might send you a letter a year later telling you that you’re infringing on their mark. Then suddenly you have to rebrand your entire business and you lose all your goodwill. But if you were proactive, you could’ve found that out in 5 minutes.

So being proactive is making sure you’re solving the problems “before it’s too late” and you have to deal with something like a $50 grand lawsuit against you.
Just generally speaking, for everything in a business, not just legal, most companies have more problems than they think they do. Usually this isn’t a big deal -- if you forget to do something with marketing, for example, not a huge deal. You might miss some revenue but it won’t kill your business.

But that’s not the case with legal. If it’s too late, it’s too late. Have any confidential info? Have a business name? Have a website? Ever hired a graphic designer? All these things have their own myriad of problems people overlook that could kill their business.

So, while you might not think there’s a lot of legal issues, there’s likely a lot more problems you’ll encounter than you think. And all it takes is one overlooked problem to kill your business.
That’s like saying operations or marketing is a one-time thing. You’re constantly running into new legal issues with each new phase of your business.

Think of it this way: bigger companies have full-time attorneys on staff for a reason. Because there’s always new issues popping up. Any interaction you have with people, whether it be a customer, partner, contractor, investor, or just someone checking out your website -- could be a legal problem.

This is exactly why we structured our product how we did -- we offer a low monthly subscription rate rather than high one-time fees for contracts. This way you’re comfortable keeping your help ongoing which ensures you actually solve your problems in advance.

We’re also sending weekly actionable emails of legal problems you could be making and along with their solutions. And we’re soon adding features like a quarterly checkup and the ability to store your contracts within the product. This is all part of Legal GPS serving as your true all-in-one legal resource.
When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to our content. We recommend you start by taking our “legal checkup” that will ask you to answer a bunch of questions and then give you a diagnosis of the legal mistakes you’re making. We’ll give you a bunch of actionable solutions you can use to solve those mistakes.

Then you can access our exhaustive library of content, contract templates, videos, checklists, and cheat sheets that cover all the important topics. That way if you have a general idea about what you need, you can check out our content to help you spot the issues you hadn’t thought to help you make the best decision.

When you need a contract, you can use our templates and watch our videos or read our content to learn the important aspects you need to think about for that contract. We’re not just handing you a contract and asking generic questions. Instead, we strive to make sure you understand the contract so you can decide how to best customize it for your business.

In the near future, we’ll be adding a bunch of additional tools, including legal checkups for discrete topics.
Absolutely. If you cancel outside the first 30-day window, we’ll be sure to not charge you any additional fees besides what you’ve already paid.
Sorry. As much as we’d love to be it, we’re not your attorney and we don’t have an attorney-client relationship. However, our product is designed by attorneys and will fit the mold for what most businesses need--which is to provide the services an attorney would provide (being able to issue spot all the “don’t know you don’t know” issues).

We understand there are other plans that offer services that allow you to talk to an attorney. We’re not trying to compete with those plans. We think they don’t solve the problems small businesses and entrepreneurs face. We’re trying to give you as much content as possible and help to spot issues that matter to your business, all for a fixed rate.

Our product is designed to help you identify legal issues before they become problems and to walk you through DIY solutions. We believe that with the right tools, entrepreneurs can handle a majority of their legal concerns themselves. Of course, some issues are so complex that you really do need an attorney’s help. Legal GPS will identify these concerns and explain why contacting an attorney may be the right choice for your business. That’s all a part of our proactive approach.
Probably but it’s impossible to say for sure. Some more niche companies may have more specialized legal needs. Our goal is to help you become aware of every issue that matters and know what to look out for. And for the 95% of common issues that apply to everyone, we’ve got you covered.

Also, for most states, the laws are generally the same. When there are state-specific, county-specific, or city-specific issues, we’ll give you guidance on how to figure those out. Our goal is to give you tips to solving all the problems so that if we can’t answer everything, you’ll at least know where to look instead of having to feel completely lost.

Finally, sometimes there’s no getting around needing a lawyer. But we try to point that out so that if you do need to see a lawyer, you’ll know what you need and why you need it.

It’s just like insurance. Does insurance cover absolutely everything? Definitely not--just look at all the exceptions in any insurance policy. Even if you got literally every type of insurance possible, there will still be gaps. But, for most things, your insurance covers you.
We have two huge goals: expand the user base to help as many entrepreneurs as we can and perfect our product while doing so.

We've recently launched to the public and have a goal of partnering with 1,000 co-working spaces across the U.S., who will offer Legal GPS to their members. We’ll have 10,000 active users by the end of this year and aiming for 100,000 by 2020.

We want to get to a point where Legal GPS is the go-to product for all new companies.

This ties into our mission, which is to eliminate all avoidable mistakes made by entrepreneurs. We’ll know we’ve done this when we’ve met our own “legal” version of the singularity that will be transformative for entrepreneurs. We won’t stop until we’ve accomplished this.

If any other questions contact us from here.

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