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Use our fun legal 4-module curriculum in your existing class, program, or workshop and help your students learn to Think Legal.


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You Can Help Your Students:

Fail Safely.


Experiential learning lets them fail and learn in the classroom before they try it in real life.
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Have fun & learn more effectively.


When students are engaged and motivated and feel minimal stress, they achieve higher levels of cognition, make more connections, and have more “aha moments.” 
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Develop skills for workplace.


Employers look for divergent thinkers. They want someone who sees a multiple-choice question with five answers and thinks of other solutions. They want someone who "thinks like an entrepreneur." LegalGPSu facilitates this thinking.

Instructor Benefits:



Instructors can teach students how to “think about legal” rather than focusing on rote memorization of laws or concepts.


Confidence and Effectiveness

Tackle difficult concepts with confidence knowing you’re preparing your students for their own entrepreneurial journey.


Happier Students

Just ask your students! Or any of the instructors that have used LegalGPSu. Happier students means happier ratings!


See how Hillsborough Community College implemented Legal GPS in both credit and non-credit courses:


I can't begin to tell you how my students enjoy using the curriculum and how it's really helping them to understand and address some of the complex issues that early stage entrepreneurs face. ..... if you're looking to deliver a robust, informative, and fun legal education to your students, I'd highly recommend using Legal GPS.

Andy Gold
Assistant Professor
Co-founder of the HCC Center for Entrepreneurship



How do I get started?


Step 1: Choose your Think Legal™ Course


This 4-module course is perfect to give people starting a business or running an existing business to teach them to “think about legal.” It can be taught in a day or over a 4-part series (typically once a week; or over 4 days).

Entrepreneur Students

This 6-module curriculum supplement is designed to be a turnkey, plug-and-play solution for professors to insert into an existing course about entrepreneurship. It can also be used as a 1-credit class. It helps students and entrepreneurs “think legal” rather than focus on rote memorization.

Biz Law Students

This 15-module curriculum is designed to provide professors with the full curriculum for a business law course. It can either replace the course and operate as a separate course that teaches students and entrepreneurs how to “Think Legal” rather than focus on rote memorization.


Step 2: Get certified!

LegalGPSu offers two options for certification--self-paced on-demand, or a live, private workshop at your place of business or college.

Join a distinguished group of educators and thought leaders from across the U.S. to learn how to implement LegalGPSu and your Think Legal course in your classroom or organization.

Online Certification

Get certified through an an online LegalGPSu course.


per instructor

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  • Self-paced, online certification course
  • Lifetime personal access to Legal GPS platform ($8000+ value)*
  • License to provide access to LegalGPSu attorney-created curriculum, workbook, and LegalGPSu platform at $30/student flat rate
  • Enrolled students or members who purchase LegalGPSu access receive 6-month free access to entire Legal GPS platform (normally $79/month)
  • 8 hours of professional development
  • Eligibility for future fellowship opportunity

Live Workshop

Attend a live workshop conducted by the LegalGPSu team.


per instructor

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Self-Paced plus:

  • Attend a live, one-day workshop near with your fellow colleagues, presented by Legal GPS

Host a Workshop

Host a live workshop at your local institution

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Step 3: Help Students Think Legal

Once certified, you're ready to make a huge difference in other entrepreneurs' lives. You can incorporate LegalGPSu's "Think Legal" curriculum into your class or program almost anyway you want. You'll learn more about what makes sense for your college or organization at the certification course.