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Promoting Legal GPS

See below for ideas on how to promote your new legal resource.


Add Legal GPS to your website

Here’s a LINK to a sample description to use for your website. Feel free to use only part of it or edit it as you like!

Many libraries want to add Legal GPS’s logo to the site, so click THIS LINK to get a Zip file containing different variations that work best depending on your website’s user interface.

Mobile View 3


Press Release




Press Release

Announce your new partnership with Legal GPS! Let us know if you’d like us to provide the template for this or if you have your own.


Some libraries announce the partnership by itself. Others incorporate into an announcement that demonstrates how the library is expanding their entrepreneurship offerings.



Print Materials for Marketing

Interested in displaying any print materials? Click THIS LINK and get a Zip File with several choices and sizes from which to choose.

Print Materials

Social Media




Social Media Marketing

Click THIS LINK to go to our template document that will provide a sample announcement to use for all social media platforms.


Email Marketing

Click THIS LINK to go to our template document that will provide a sample email template to use when sending out a partnership announcement to patrons.

Email Marketing 2


Next Steps


There are a lot of other ways to publicize the partnership. It’s good to let other entrepreneur support organizations in your area know about the new resource. Also, consider notifying coworking spaces and related organizations (like accelerators).

Lastly, if you’d like any training, reach out to us at hello@legalgps.com and we can schedule a 30-minute webinar and answer any questions you have. Thanks!