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Now legal is fun,accessible,easy,simple,a resource

Add legal to your library collection and provide your entreprenuerial patrons a clear legal path to success.



Give patrons a clear path.

See the difference:



Before Legal GPS



Hailey 2




Patron Using Legal GPS

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Add legal to your library collections and give patrons a legal path to success


Turnkey for Librarians

Librarians can show entrepreneurial patrons how to use in minutes.


Patron Value

Save 60 hours a year on average; Save $15,000+ in potential attorneys’ fees; Patrons average $850 value per each use.


Make Legal Fun

We gamify and make everything entertaining to make legal easier (and dare we say enjoyable) to digest.

Why patrons need a clear legal path


of businesses don’t hire attorneys.


common legal pitfalls that entrepreneurs “don’t know they don’t know.”


8 million businesses start with less than $5,000.

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2. Get Legal GPS implemented in your proxy server.


3. Patrons can access Legal GPS anywhere!

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