Our Mission: To eliminate all avoidable mistakes made by entrepreneurs.

Legal GPS is the first proactive all-in-one legal technology app designed exclusively for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. We created the app to eliminate all the avoidable legal mistakes entrepreneurs make who previously relied on Google searches to solve their problems.

Legal GPS exists because entrepreneurs can’t afford attorneys but have a “constant state of anxiety” that they were overlooking potentially company-changing legal problems. We spoke with dozens of entrepreneurs and over 70% told us something to the effect of, “I use Google now, but I feel like I might be missing something that’s going to screw me later.”

Recognizing this problem, we asked entrepreneurs what type of product they want. We found they’re looking for an app that is:

  1. Proactive,
  2. Affordable, and
  3. Actionable.

Our users need a product that’s proactive so they can avoid making legal mistakes before they happen (the “avoidable legal mistakes”). It needs to be affordable because our users are on a tight enough budget as is. And it needs to be actionable because our users need to know what they need to do on their own without an attorney’s help.

We built Legal GPS around these three core requirements.

Proactive: To be proactive, we offer all-encompassing intelligent questionnaires designed to guide the user through dozens of potential legal issues. Our largest questionnaire functions like a “legal checkup” to examine the health of the entire business rather than just specific issues the company already knew to research. We also send out weekly emails with actionable guidance to help our time-restricted users get a steady dose of tips.

Affordable: To be affordable, we created a low monthly subscription pricing structure every company could afford rather than charging an exorbitant one-time fee.

Actionable: To be actionable, we not only offer a large contract library but also accompanying guidance with written content, videos, checklists, and cheat sheets. We’re turning every legal issue into a “step-by-step” set of instructions to make the law simpler for our user.

In short, we’ve created exactly what the customer wants--a proactive, affordable, actionable all-in-one legal technology app that helps them avoid making future legal mistakes.

We did our first beta launch last year and planned to start locally in Missouri but had unexpected national success, with customers coming out of the woodwork across the country subscribing to get the benefits offered by Legal GPS.

We also learned that it wasn’t just the “end user” who desired Legal GPS but also larger entities like coworking spaces. So now we offer group rates as part of our plan to achieve our next massive wave of growth by partnering with 400 coworking spaces and adding 10,000 users in 2018 and 100,000 in 2019.

Lastly, with the support of our community of users, we’re getting incredible feedback and adding features and content to the product to make it the go-to legal app for all entrepreneurs, even those in less-common businesses.

This is all part of us doing everything possible to achieve our mission by the end of 2020: to eliminate all avoidable mistakes made by entrepreneurs.


Our team of experienced professionals have passion for what they do


Chris Daming

Founder & CEO

Dave Cachero

General Purpose Smart Guy


Crese Banaag

Content Curator and Catalyst

Vishal Varghese

Lead Creative Designer

Paras Ranawat

Legal Researcher

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