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So you’ve heard we offer “Legal GPS.” Sound confusing? We think our model is best explained by comparing it to the alternative. So indulge us with one little metaphor. It’ll make sense, we promise.

What you get with a map

Imagine you’re dropped into Beijing and tasked with one mission: go to the “top tourist site.” You don’t speak Mandarin and obviously can’t read any signs. So you stumble upon an unstaffed tourist office and start looking through the maps available. One is a vague map of the city that has some attractions on it but only a few roads identified. You recognize the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and the Great Wall, but there are about 25 other landmarks you’ve never heard of. You start opening the other maps. One is a street map of Beijing that has no attractions listed. One map is a highway map of all of China. The last map includes Beijing and the surrounding province. To your irritation, none of the maps have a “You are Here” sign. So before you start your task, you have no idea where you are or where you’re going.

Anyway, you grab a few maps and hit the road. You stop at the first gas station you see and ask the attendant how to get to the best tourist attraction. It’s clear he doesn’t understand your question, but he calls his daughter from the back of the store, who speaks some English. You ask her how to get to the “Top Tourist Site,” and she takes out your province map and draws a route to what is, unknown to you, the Great Wall, which is actually a couple of hours away.

So you start driving, trying to follow the map and street signs, but suddenly you realize you’re off course. You stop and ask for directions at another gas station. This time, the attendant speaks English, so you show him the directions the previous woman gave. You tell him she gave you the directions to the “top tourist site” in Beijing. He shakes his head at her directions, takes out your Beijing city map, and writes out directions to, the destination unknown to you, the Forbidden City.

So you follow the new route and before you know it, you run into a road closing and what looks like a detour sign, which you can’t read, of course. You stop at a few more gas stations to ask for directions and each time get a new route drawn on one of your maps. Eventually, you have five different routes on three different maps and you’re no closer to knowing where you are or where you’re going.

Why the current online legal service market is like struggling with maps

Obviously, this is a ridiculous scenario, but it does illustrate the limitations of working with predetermined, generic tools like maps. This confusion is not much different than what you’ll encounter trying to navigate the current online legal climate. Let’s say your destination is simply that you want to have a successful, legally compliant business. Will a “legal map” really get you there?

First, you need a new map every time you go somewhere new. Not only that, but you need a map that has the right content--some maps have detailed city grids, others only include major highways, while others may not include attractions or other points of interest. Also, a map doesn’t help you anticipate or troubleshoot obstacles, and it doesn’t help you figure out if you’ve gone the wrong way until it’s too late.

And if the map doesn’t answer your questions, you’ll be stuck asking for help. You’ll find that people you seek advice from may interpret your destination differently than you. Also, you’re forced to rely on their advice, which is taken from their life experience. So you might get conflicting or downright bad advice from people you speak with or the legal blogs you read. And you’re only going to know if the directions you got were right after it’s too late. And when you’re trying to figure out which map you need, no map will tell you where you are, and you can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re starting from.

Maps aren’t much different from sites that offer you an abundance of contracts. One-size-fits-all maps don’t exist, and neither do contracts. Not only that, but most legal sites assume you know which contract you need. Even more problematic, this model  assumes that the only legal issues that startups face are related to contracts. But what do you do when you have an issue that isn’t related to a specific contract?

What you get with GPS

Imagine now you’re back in Beijing with the same goal of getting to the top tourist site. But now you have GPS. Now all you need to do is search for “top tourist site” and follow the step-by-step directions that’d tell you exactly where you go. Regardless of the language traps, you’d be confident you were going to the right place, you’d know how to get there and when to make turns, and you wouldn’t have to figure out which “map” to use or ask for directions. No searching for the right maps, no relying on conflicting and ambiguous advice, no wondering what to do if you run into road closures or traffic, and no unknown as to whether you’re even going to the right place.

What Legal GPS does for your company

This is why we’re so pumped about our Legal GPS. It helps you find out where you are in your business and creates the directions from there to where you need to go.

You need it because nothing goes like you planned, and things change along the way. What if you get a new partner or a new employee or you discover an employee who isn’t as trustworthy as you thought? Things change, and you often need to “recalculate” your path so that you stay on track and remain legally compliant.

Legal GPS tells you “how” and “when” to follow its instructions, making your path clear and easy to follow. No stopping for directions, no wondering whether you’re on the right path. And if you do miss a turn or come across an obstacle, Legal GPS recalculates that path for you instead of leaving you to discover your mistake on your own.

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