What’s launch pricing? 

Launch pricing is a great way to sign up for Legal GPS at the start of our journey and take advantage of forever discounted prices. It’s our way of saying “thanks” to the users that help us grow and benefit from our offer.

Here’s the best part: we’re launching a Legal GPS Pro version next year for $50/month, and we’re going to include that in the $24 pricing forever. We’re not kidding when we say we’re in this together and we want to show our appreciation.

Is the $24 fee truly forever? 

Yep. As long as you continue to subscribe with us, we’ll continue giving that 30% discount to you. That’s our way of saying thanks.

How long is the launch pricing available? 

Until the countdown on this page. Afterwards, we’re going to increasingly raise it every two weeks until $35.

Why should I get a subscription for this? Is it one-time use? 

Short answer: Legal is a full-time gig. Bigger companies have full-time attorneys for a reason--because there are tons of legal issues entrepreneurs don’t think about that attorneys can help them catch. Legal GPS is designed to fill that gap for the smaller companies that can’t afford an attorney all the time.

Long answer: This is a really important question for us, so please excuse the length.

First, it’s definitely not one-time use. For one, if you sat down to go over all the content in here, it could take weeks to knock it all out. That’s how much stuff we cover.

But we don’t expect you to spend a few weeks doing it because doing “legal” isn’t a one-time thing. It’s ongoing. At every new stage of your business, even the most minor stages, legal comes into play. We’ve designed the product to make it as convenient for you as possible. When you sign up, we’ll have you take a legal checkup to get a diagnosis on the current health of your business. Then we’ll give you a bunch of actionable content to help you solve the problems we uncover.

So, that’ll help in the beginning. But we’re also introducing tools like a quarterly checkup and checkups specific to new stages of your business. Also, we’ll send you actionable emails discussing avoidable legal mistakes to help you think of more obscure issues you might not have considered. Our goal is for you to feel like you have an attorney in your back pocket (although we’re not your attorney :) ).

So that’s one reason. Another reason is that we knew we had to be a subscription service to be able to accomplish our mission, which is to help all entrepreneurs eliminate all avoidable legal mistakes. There are two components of this goal we’d like to explain.

(1) “All entrepreneurs”

First, to accommodate “all entrepreneurs,” we knew we needed a lower price. Products with about ⅓ of our content and without our tools to help you identify the legal issues you don’t know you don’t know often cost between $500 - $2,000. That’s a huge price tag. That can help people who would’ve hired an attorney anyways, but for the 90% of entrepreneurs we’ve met who solve their legal issues using Google, that wouldn’t solve their problem. So, we decided on a low subscription price to adhere to our mission (despite what a lot of financial experts advised).

We thought about Jeff Bezos from Amazon who ran into problems with book publishers when he first started his company. The publisher argued that Bezos didn’t “understand that his business was to sell books, not trash them.” Bezos replied, ‘When I read that letter, I thought, we don’t make money when we sell things. We make money when we help customers make purchase decisions.” (from The Everything Store).

(2) Eliminate all avoidable legal mistakes

We needed to make sure we covered our users throughout their journey. If they just used the product once, they’d get a lot of help in the beginning but would lapse into making avoidable legal mistakes a few months later when new issues popped up. To truly eliminate all avoidable legal mistakes, we needed to be with the user throughout their journey to help them spot the issues down the road, not just those in the beginning.

Who’s the best fit for this product? I don't have that many legal problems... 

You’re definitely not in the minority. Many entrepreneurs approach their legal issues as they come. The problem is that by the time you know you have a problem, it’s usually too late.

If someone’s trying to sue you because of some mistake with your website, you wouldn’t be able to put in the right terms of use afterwards and say that those should apply to that person suing you. If your company is a year old and you’ve built up goodwill with your company name only to get sued by a competitor who says that your company name is too close to theirs (not the same, but close), it’s too late to come up with a new name--you’ll have to rebrand, lose your goodwill, and fight that costly lawsuit.

If you get into a fight with your partner about a decision and try to say that you had agreed only a majority vote applied and not a unanimous, it’s too late to create a contract that requires only a majority vote.

If you didn’t register your licenses or permits with the government and you get penalized or investigated, it’s already too late to go back and do get your licenses in order.

All of these situations happen. All the time. And they’re all easily avoidable, but you have to address them in advance of the problem, not after.

There aretoo many legal issues you might not have thought to research ahead of time that could bite you big time. And destroy your business.

Imagine you’re walking somewhere a thousand miles away and your compass is one degree off. That small mistake in the beginning of your journey will destroy where you go--those small mistakes in the beginning cost the most down the road (just ask the Winklevoss twins what happens when you make a small mistake you didn’t think about with a billion dollar company, Facebook).

How is Legal GPS different from all the other sites like Legal Zoom? 

There are two different types of available solutions. First, you have the “form solution” and second, there’s the “attorney anytime” solution.

The form solution doesn’t solve your problems in the same way that Google doesn’t. If you use those sites, you still have to have a good idea of what you’re looking for. If you don’t know what contract you need, those sites won’t help you figure it out. They solve a need that you can solve yourself by searching for a template on Google.

The attorney anytime solution has a similar problem. Most of the time it’s just, “Call us if you have a problem.” First, you’ll find that even when you pay a monthly fee for the service, you end up paying high fees once the attorney says, “Yeah you definitely need an attorney here.” But second and more importantly, the whole idea is that you want to prevent problems in the first place before they get expensive.

That’s where Legal GPS comes in. Our goal is to help you spot those legal mistakes before they cause you problems and solve them in advance--before they get costly.

Can I cancel anytime? 

Absolutely. If you cancel outside the first 30-day window, we’ll be sure to not charge you any additional fees besides what you’ve already paid.

What is the Risk-Free Guarantee? 

If you don’t like the product, let us know in the first 30 days and we’ll refund whatever you paid--no questions asked.

I’m too busy to do this. 

Definitely understand. It happens.

First, if you’re using an attorney and can easily afford it, , then great. You’re covered. Our product helps you save money by helping you understand when you really need an attorney and when you can do things yourself.

But we’re assuming that you either usually use Google for solving legal problems or just ignore them. If you’re using Google, you’ll save exponential time using this product.

But either way, being too busy now is going to have its implications down the road. For example, if you were too busy to do a 20-minute trademark search but find out two years from now that someone’s suing you and you lose all your goodwill and have to foot the bill for that lawsuit, those 20 minutes begin to seem like a great investment.

Same thing everything else that needs to be done for a business. If you’re too busy to do marketing for your business, you won’t get clients or users, so you won’t get paid. If you’re too busy to sleep, you’ll become sleep-deprived and won’t get any work done. And if you’re too busy to spend a little time on legal, your business is going to get destroyed in the future, and everything else you’ve worked so hard on will be lost. It’s just a matter of priorities and knowing that investing a little time will save you so much more in the future.

Does this cover everything I could possibly need and does it apply to my state? 

Probably but it’s impossible to say for sure. Some more niche companies may have more specialized legal needs. Our goal is to help you become aware of every issue that matters and know what to look out for. And for the 95% of common issues that apply to everyone, we’ve got you covered.

Also, for most states, the laws are generally the same. When there are state-specific, county-specific, or city-specific issues, we’ll give you guidance on how to figure those out. Our goal is to give you tips to solving all the problems so that if we can’t answer everything, you’ll at least know where to look instead of having to feel completely lost.

Finally, sometimes there’s no getting around needing a lawyer. But we try to point that out so that if you do need to see a lawyer, you’ll know what you need and why you need it.

It’s just like insurance. Does insurance cover absolutely everything? Definitely not--just look at all the exceptions in any insurance policy. Even if you got literally every type of insurance possible, there will still be gaps. But, for most things, your insurance covers you.

Are you my attorney? 

Sorry. As much as we’d love to be it, we’re not your attorney and we don’t have an attorney-client relationship. However, our product is designed to fit the mold for what most businesses need--which is to provide the services an attorney would provide (being able to issue spot all the “don’t know you don’t know” issues).

We understand there are other plans that offer services that allow you to talk to an attorney. We’re not trying to compete with those plans. We think they don’t solve the problems small businesses and entrepreneurs face. We’re trying to give you as much content as possible and help to spot issues that matter to your business, all for a fixed rate.

Are you guys attorneys? 

Our Founder & CEO is an attorney with a background in litigation and working with startups and entrepreneurs. So he knows how lawsuits work and how to avoid them. Members of our staff are also attorneys. Every legal piece of information we tell you has been reviewed by at least two licensed attorneys so that we give you the most valuable and accurate content.

Tell me a bit about how your product works. 

When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to our content. We recommend you start by taking our “legal checkup” that will ask you to answer a bunch of questions and then give you a diagnosis of the legal mistakes you’re making. We’ll give you a bunch of actionable solutions you can use to solve those mistakes.

Then you can access our exhaustive library of content, contract templates, videos, checklists, and cheat sheets that cover all the important topics. That way if you have a general idea about what you need, you can check out our content to help you spot the issues you hadn’t thought to help you make the best decision.

When you need a contract, you can use our templates and watch our videos or read our content to learn the important aspects you need to think about for that contract. We’re not just handing you a contract and asking generic questions. Instead, we strive to make sure you understand the contract so you can decide how to best customize it for your business.

In the near future, we’ll be adding a bunch of additional tools, including legal checkup for discrete topics.

What legal content does Legal GPS cover? 
How to Legally Run Your Business (it doesn’t stop at formation) (click to show) 
  • All the tasks required after you form your business and how to finish them in less than a day
  • If you need to register your business in other states besides your home state, and if so, how to do it
  • How to keep your finances separate and why it’s important
  • How to file for an EIN
  • To know if you’re complying with federal, state, and local licenses, and public safety requirements--and why there’s probably at least one you’re missing
  • Why delaying these tasks--along with completing certain contracts--is one of the biggest legal reasons companies fail
  • Why it’s important to pick a reliable registered agent
  • How to file for a d/b/a in your state and why it’s important
  • How to figure out what taxes you might need to pay
  • How to prepare an NDA and why it’s necessary anytime you’re sharing confidential info with third parties
  • And much more included...
  • Checklist for Steps to Take After You Form Your LLC
  • Checklist for Steps to Take After Your Form Your Corporation
  • Contract Templates for corporate formality documents like minutes and resolutions
  • Checklist for Doing Business in Other States
  • Independent Contractor Contract Template
Everything that matters about LLCs, Corporations, & Nonprofits (click to show) 
  • How to set up an LLC and all the agreements you need to think about when doing so
  • How to prepare an operating agreement and why you need one--even if you’re the only owner
  • How to prepare Articles of Organization and why people typically get one issue wrong
  • How to set up a corporation and what to look out for
  • Why you need a shareholder’s agreement and what to consider when preparing
  • How to prepare Articles of Incorporation and why you need to think about issues like par value, classes, and how many shares you authorized
  • How to figure out if being a nonprofit makes sense, or if LLC, Corporation, or one of the new hybrid organizations (like L3C & B Corp) are right for you
  • And much more included...
  • Checklist for forming your LLC
  • Checklist for forming your Corporation
  • Contract Template for Articles of Organization (LLC)
  • Contract Template for Articles of Incorporation (Corporation)
  • Operating Agreement (Single Member LLC)
  • Operating Agreement (Multi Member LLC)
  • Should I be a nonprofit cheat sheet
  • Setting up a nonprofit cheat sheet
Everything you Needed to Know & Do When You Started Your Company (click to show) 
  • All the tasks you need to complete when setting up your business to make sure you don’t lose your company later because of lawsuit
  • Why you need to set an official “state entity” (LLC, Corporation) usually, but it doesn’t make sense for some businesses
  • What’s the right entity for your business, why LLC is great for many, why Corporations make sense for startups, and why the “double tax” fear is usually overblown
  • Why picking your entity doesn’t stop at “LLC” or “Corp” and that you need to pick the right tax entity as well--and learn how to do it
  • Why you might not own the IP you created prior to starting your company (and how to write a contract to do that)
  • How to ensure you set up your business in the right state (hint: Delaware is usually not the right choice)
  • And much more included...
  • State law choice of entity cheatsheet
  • Tax law choice of entity cheatsheet
  • IP Cheat Sheet
Why Trademarks & Copyrights Matter and What You’ve Overlooked (click to show) 
  • Why registering for a trademark is important and why failure to do it could prevent any future growth of your business
  • How to protect your trademark against infringement and the reason why it’s important
  • How to create a strong trademark to ensure you get the protection you need from people stealing your branding
  • How to do a free trademark search and why it’s #1 trademark mistake people that cost their business thousands of dollars in the future and their entire goodwill
  • How to make sure you’re not infringing on someone else’s copyright and get burned by a lawsuit
  • Why protecting your copyrighted work from others is important and how to do it
  • How to make sure you actually own the copyright you paid for and why many entrepreneurs don’t own their logo or other design work because they failed to do these steps
  • Checklist for How to Do a Free Trademark Search
  • Cheat Sheet for What You Need to Copyright
  • Cheat Sheet for Making a Strong Trademark
  • Scoring Sheet for Trademark Infringement
  • Cheat Sheet for Protecting Your Trademark
Why Trade Secrets are So Important & How to Preserve Them (click to show) 
  • How and why you need to protect your confidential information--if you don’t, your company could be worth nothing!
  • Step-by-step guidance on ensuring your trade secrets will be recognized as legitimate by the courts
  • Why Trade Secrets are often the full value of a company and why failure to protect them is a huge mistake many companies make
  • How to prepare an NDA to ensure your confidential information is protected
  • The difference between trade secrets and patents and why trade secrets make more sense for many companies
  • How to do a free patent search and how it could save you thousands doing this early in your business
  • Why it’s so important to not mix your confidential information with your non-confidential information
  • Checklist for Ensuring You Own Your Trade Secret
  • Contract Template for Nondislosure Agreement
  • Checklist for Doing a Free Patent Search
Hiring Employees & Contractors: What Every Business Needs to Know (click to show) 
  • Why you should always have a written agreement for contractors (and why the failure to do this causes so many companies to lose all their goodwill in the future)
  • The importance of ensuring contractors assign the IP they created to you so that they can’t later sell it to a competitor
  • How to make sure your contractor is classified as such and not as an employee
  • When hiring an employee makes more sense than a contractor
  • Why it’s so important to define the scope of work for employees and contractors and how to do it
  • How to make sure you did everything right when you hired an employee, including having the required insurance, licenses, and registrations
  • How to define the terms of the hire, including expected deliverables, quality of the deliverables, and deadlines, with your contractor, and why it’s important
  • Contract Template for Independent Contractors
  • Contract Template for an Employee Offer Letter
  • Contract Template for NDA
Have a Partner or Co-Founder? Learn About Everything You Need to Know (click to show) 
  • Why it’s important to indicate voting powers, why certain decisions should require, and why a “unanimous” voting requirement can paralyze your company
  • How to make sure a minority member can’t destroy your company
  • Why you need to have a provision that allows you to kick out members and why
  • How to make sure every partner pulls their weight and that everything everyone is expected to do is unambiguous
  • Why you need to have provisions that restrict transfer of interests so your partner doesn’t give his ownership interest to your mortal enemy
  • How to make sure your partner can’t leave on Day 2 of the company and still own half
  • Why you need to have terms on who can and can’t bind your company so someone owning 1% can’t take out a $100,000 loan on behalf of the company
  • Contract Template for Multi-Member Operating Agreement
  • Checklist for What Legal Issues To Cover if You Have a Partner
Terms of Use & Privacy Policy: Why You Need to be Specific & How to Do It (click to show) 
  • Why Terms of Use could be the most important contract you have and how to make sure you cover all the right terms
  • How to make sure your Terms of Use will actually be recognized by courts
  • Why you need a Privacy Policy even if you only use Google Analytics
  • Why it’s important to follow your Privacy Policy and how you could get in trouble with the government if you don’t
  • Contract Template for Terms of Use
  • Contract Template for Privacy Policy
Constantly Expanding Library of Content, Videos, Contracts, & Checklists (click to show) 

You can see the outrageous amount of content you’re getting now. The best part is that because we’re launching, we still have at least twice this amount of content we’re going to add in the next few months--all of which you’ll get as part of your subscription.

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