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Bring Your City’s Own Version of “Bar Rescue” to 25 Local Food Business Owners



By The Numbers

In December 2020, in partnership with Forward Cities' ESHIP Communities Initiative, we launched our first Food Sector GPS with 20 food sector owners in Kansas City, Missouri. Here are some statistics from that cohort:

*credit: ESHIP Communities

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From the Entrepreneurs and Experts



Gigi Jones

Owner, GiGi's Vegan + Wellness Cafe


Believe me when I tell you, I train with some of the best here. I owned a business downtown for many years. I've never seen something put together, a program of coaches quite like this ever.



Kiffany Bosserman

Owner, Cotton Tale Kansas City


What you guys are doing is just next level about trying to help others. Coming from such a real, genuine place, I just appreciate you guys and I hope we can be friends for life.



Karen Fowler

Owner, Fowler Enterprise LLC


All of them just gave me so much advice that I didn't even know. They (gave) me information to help me get off the ground. All of this has just been so great!



Estelle Brooks

Owner, Fit 4U Health & Fitness


Everyone that I spoke to gave me information that I was not even aware of. Even though I've been in business for 5 years, I just was not aware of what they had to offer.



Delia Marin

Operations Expert, Food Sector GPS


Your being able to be out there and to help provide guidance that might help them get to where they need to go is valuable and a great resource.

How does Project: Food Sector GPS work?

Step 1: Choose Participants

Libraries select 25 food business owners for a cohort.

Step 2: Use Platform

Participants setup a food sector GPS account and use the platform to be matched with local topic specific experts.

Step 3: Meet Experts

Participants schedule, meet and create an actionable, strategic plan to help their business thrive.

Here's an example:

Imagine an entrepreneur named Josie who owns a company that sells berry-focused desserts in Kansas City. Here’s how it’d work for her.

Day 0

🕒 Estimated Time To Complete: 1 Day

Step 1: Josie Signs Up.

Josie hears about KC’s Project: Food Sector GPS, applies, is accepted, and is sent a link to sign-up.

Day 1

🕒 Estimated Time To Complete: 1 Day

Step 2: Get Started.

Josie would use our platform to answer questions and be matched with a team of experts, including operations, marketing, loan, and licenses/permits experts, and a “Closer” expert.

Day 2

🕒 Estimated Time To Complete: 21 Days

Step 3: Josie's Meetings.

In the second stage of the platform, Josie will learn how to prep for her meeting. Then after each meeting, she’ll fill out a short form that ensures each meeting builds on the last. She does this until her last meeting with her Closer. At this point, she’ll have a rough draft of a strategy for her business from the previous meetings and be able to go over it all with the Closer.

Day 23

🕒 Estimated Time To Complete: 5 Days

Step 4: Tying It All Together.

At the conclusion of the pilot, the owners will have a wrap-up video conference where they can meet each other and allow for additional entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur collaboration.

Day 28

🕒 Estimated Time To Complete: 2 Days

Step 5: Finish Constructing the Bridge.

Because our goal is to build bridges (not build the pieces to the ecosystem), the last meeting is a perfect time to do a sort-of “hand off” to the library who could become/remain the hub for future help for those business owners. We could help facilitate the meeting but the idea is that we would make clear we’re not the point of contact after the cohort is complete.


A Partnership Timeline & Pricing

Project: Food Sector GPS Package

$5,000 per Cohort

Our Base for 1 Cohort of 25 Food Business Owners is $5,000.


Here is what's included in the base price:


Diverse content available for:

  1. Restaurant Owners
  2. Food Truck Owners
  3. Catering & Delivery Owners


Each library will have their own unique code and dashboard with their logo on our white-labeled platform.

✏️ Custom Content Add-On


Legal GPS can use any type of content imaginable for our platform. For example, adding more content for different types of food professions. Different types of professions in general. Different content catered to each city, etc. If interested, contact us for custom pricing.

Team of Experts

Team: Each business owner will be assigned a team of 4-6 experts. Specifically:

  • Operations Expert - Short-Term Strategy
  • Operations Expert - Long-Term Strategy
  • Marketing Expert
  • Loans Expert
  • License/Permits Expert
  • Closer


How the Team Selection Works:

  1. We’ll brief and onboard the experts;
  2. We’ll set them up with a premium Calendly account;
  3. We’ll write their descriptions and integrate them into our platform. 
  4. We just need you to provide us a list a experts that have agreed to participate.

🔎 Expert Add-On



We can find and maintain the experts for you for $1500/cohort.

📣 Marketing Add-On



We will market, identify, personally onboard, and ensure platform completion of 25 business owners in your community for $3000/cohort.

Discounts Available

10+ Libraries
  • 20% off any package, including any add-ons.
  • 50% off access to Legal GPS.

We can offer these discounts if 10+ libraries sign-up as part of a package deal.

2 or More Cohorts
  • Same Coaches: $2,500
    (normally $5,000)
  • New Coaches: $4,000

If same coaches and no additional work needed on our end with any communication with coaches, any subsequent cohorts base price would drop to $2500 (usually $5000).

Legal GPS Discount
  • 30% Discount off Legal GPS Access

Library eligible for 30% discount off Legal GPS for each year at least 1 cohort is purchased.

Deals >$250,000


If we can work out a bulk deal, we’ll build an entire admin backend for the libraries and offer a personalized experience that would allow libraries to do the bulk of the work in minutes, create their own customized content whenever they want, and provide a substantial discount for library usage for up to 5 years. Effectively, we would use this to build our admin backend and provide the product at cost for those 5 years. (Our advantage is building an admin backend to use in other scenarios-- but this would be a remarkable savings for libraries).

For context, almost all our costs are in creating unique dashboards and coach profiles and onboarding the coaches.