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Why Legal?

Accessible legal changes everything.


Over 20 million businesses in the US struggle not having Accessible Legal

That’s over 7 out of 10 businesses. These are the everyday entrepreneurs pursuing their American dream. The 20M US businesses without a formal entity. The 15M without a bachelor’s degree who start in their garage or basement. The $13M that fund with savings and credit cards and the 8M that start with less than $5,000.

Without this access, businesses are wasting time and money they don’t have making uninformed business decisions. And worse, not having accessible legal leads to businesses failing due to legal mistakes they could’ve avoided.


US businesses do not have a formal legal entity



or less is the only capital over 8 million businesses have when they start


businesses are started by owners that don't have a bachelor's degree and work in their garage or basement

Legal Accessibility changes everything.

Stronger Businesses

Businesses are about relationships. Your customer, partner, employee, vendor. The law is the framework for facilitating every economic activity with others.


Better clarity on the law removes ambiguity, raises confidence, and improves each relationship as everyone plays by the same rules.

No more, “if only I’d known sooner.”

Legal accessibility means determining legal information at its onset in time for the information to be effective. This changes outcomes.


Accessible legal preserves the right to pursue your dream. Your legal protections aren't pre-determined by your background or social status. Small businesses simply can't afford to make costly legal mistakes.

Levels the Playing Field

Everyone has a fundamental right to pursue their dream without barriers that result in inequality.


We believe that the law should protect all businesses equally. Whether small or large, generating one thousand or one million, accessible legal information should be guaranteed.


How do we eliminate the legal accessibility barrier?


Create a legal platform for the everyday entrepreneur.

You can’t just provide information. And you can’t just put a free attorney in everyone’s space. You have to create a simple platform that ensures the entrepreneur can know the law and want to act on it.


Learn more about Legal GPS’s platform is perfect for solving the legal accessibility barrier.


Partner with progressive leaders looking to help level the playing field for entrepreneurs.

At this point, we are only actively accepting partnerships with libraries and community colleges. Throughout their history, they’ve established themselves as the place where anyone, regardless of their background, can visit and better themselves on equal ground.


Show the difference.

See exactly the difference you’re making in eliminating legal barriers and improving entrepreneurship.