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Accessible Legal for All.

The law should protect, not prevent, your pursuit of the American Dream.


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What is Accessible Legal?


Accessible legal is knowing the law and being able to act on it. For the privileged businesses, they can hire an attorney to do this. For everyone else that can’t afford it or don’t understand the value of attorneys, they must do it on their own. This requires the law to be affordable, approachable, and actionable. When the law does that, it’s accessible.

Accessible legal information is a fundamental right. When it comes to legal, the playing field should be level. It's not. For 20+ million businesses in the US alone legal information isn't even accessible. Legal accessibility requires three elements: Affordable, Approachable, and Actionable.

To be affordable, all businesses must be able to pay for it. Google is affordable, but it isn't approachable or actionable. Approachable means that both the legal information and the way it’s presented can be understood by the everyday entrepreneur.

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Our Plan

7 in 10 businesses lack access to legal. We’re partnering with select organizations to change that. Here’s how you can get involved:

Step 1

See that 75% of businesses don’t have access to legal and face barriers to achieving their American Dream.


Step 2

Help entrepreneurs get equal access to the law by providing them a Legal GPS.


Step 3

See exactly the difference you’re making in eliminating legal barriers and improving entrepreneurship.

I tried out Legal GPS and found it really solved almost all concerns. I took the legal checkup and found out there were a ton of legal issues I hadn’t thought of and I was able to fix them before they became a huge deal. The checklists were also super helpful in helping to walk me through the things like what to do after I formed my business. I’d recommend Legal GPS to any small business because there’s just so many things I thought wouldn’t have applied to me being a single-member LLC that ended up mattering.

John Coveyou

Genius Games