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Legal GPS for Libraries

Legal GPS is the new & simple business tool that helps libraries eliminate legal barriers to entrepreneurship.



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Legal GPS + Public Libraries

Legal GPS shares your vision in closing the wide entrepreneurship gap by empowering libraries to make legal accessible to their patron business owners.



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With Legal GPS, You Can Help Your Patrons Save On Average:


Hours per year


In Legal Fees


Future Legal Problems

How Legal GPS Makes Legal Accessible

Know What You Don’t Know

Helps patrons “know what they don’t know” about legal issues

No Decision Paralysis

Simplified UX to create customized roadmap for users


Platform compatible with all 108 Google Translate Languages


All information is actionable rather than just general legal background


Designed to incentivize full completion of most common legal issues


Helping Patrons know the “how” & “why” to legal gives them a competitive advantage in business dealings

This is a great new business to help entrepreneurs. Doing the right thing legally can be a quagmire. I was fortunate to have a great legal team but not everyone can afford it and quite frankly you don't even know what you need until you have spent the money on a lawyer. Legal GPS will be a huge help!


Maxine Clark

Founder, Build-A-Bear


How Does it Work?

Tri-Row Optimized


Mark Pond
When I came across Legal GPS, a lightbulb went off. This tool can help my startups navigate those waters of business-formation types of questions and also how taxation plays into that. It was really helpful to play around with the tool, run through different scenarios but also do it in really bite-sized and digestible bits of workflow. That's really helpful. Rather than just handing somebody a book and saying: 'Here's everything you need to know about forming an LLC." That could be pretty daunting. So, count me as a fan! Legal GPS will serve our startup communities really well!
Mark Pond
2021 BRASS Excellence in Business Librarianship Award, Spokane Public Library
I use Legal GPS to help patrons seeking information on legal basics for business. I've heard from many patrons that "this is such an awesome tool, I can’t believe all this information is in one place.” I have also learned so much! My job’s become SO MUCH easier with regard to providing resources to patrons who are looking for foundational legal knowledge.
Hadiza Sa-Aadu
Small Business Engagement Specialist, KCPL

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What legal topics are covered?


Legal GPS covers almost all common legal issues that apply to businesses in their first two years. Click the button to see a sampling of all the legal topics our platform covers with entrepreneurs! See Topics


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We Want to Work With You To Make This a Success

Once we partner, let us know how you prefer to market to your patrons and we’ll provide you whatever you need. Here’s a preview of how we can help:

Launch & Ongoing Events

Throw a launch event or host ongoing legal events to showcase business resources. We’ll provide you turnkey ideas to make it as simple and impactful as possible.

Email & Social Media Templates

Use email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn templates to let patrons know about the library’s new innovative legal resource

Custom Marketing

Let us know what collateral you need and we’ll create it in-house -- it’s a win-win-win when more patrons use Legal GPS!

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Why Proactive Legal Is So Important

A Story about William A. Patron


Meet Will...

This is Will. Like most new entrepreneurs, he feels like he's "in the dark" and isn't sure where to start. He can't afford to hire attorney, much like the other 75% of business owners who don't hire one at first.






Will Knows Bits & Pieces...

Will can figure out a few things, like how to file a document to form an LLC. But the problem is that that's only the tip of the iceberg. Will can't avoid future legal problems he never knew to solve.



But What About Everything Else?

But there are many legal pieces Will doesn't know he doesn't know. And if you don’t cover legal essentials before they become a problem, then it becomes too little too late.






Businesses Fail Without Legal.

Almost 1 in 10 of all businesses fail directly as a result of legal challenges. But a majority of other failures can occur because of indirect legal issues -- issues people don’t think of as “legal.”

It’s intellectual property issues where someone’s idea, if properly protected, could have prevented a competitor from profiting off their own idea or customer list.

It’s miscommunication issues when two partners have different expectations. Or a bad contract with a contractor or vendor.

These new companies are fragile. They can’t handle small setbacks in the beginning. And so many of them fail to realize their own passion because they had to operate at a disadvantage that couldn’t be overcome.